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Performance Marketing For Select Industries

At GainShare we partner with our clients to deliver performance. Leading our clients, their programs, and results, informed by data and measured by revenue gains.

Many of our clients are faced with highly competitive and regulated markets. Client success and performance requires working with complex customer journeys and paths to purchase, it's what we do. While we work with brands in many categories, there are a few we thrive in; Financial Services, Telecom, Insurance, Subscription and Nonprofit.

Financial Services

Banking and finance are a world we all experience almost every day. Brands battle it out for our attention at every turn. It involves products and services that at once must be easy to understand and advanced enough for modern consumer needs.


GainShare teams have over 150 years of collective experience in customer acquisition marketing for Telecom brands. From highly competitive, consumer customer marketing to complex enterprise business customers, we have succeeded in delivering both volume and ROI in DRTV and online.


Insurance is a rapidly changing industry and has been for the last few decades. At GainShare, we have worked with insurance brands for almost our entire 35-year history. We have delivered thousands of new customers for legacy brands such as John Hancock and Met Life, as well as new brands such as SelectQuote. We succeed for our clients because we leverage what we know and continue to learn every day.

Subscription Services

The growth of subscription services for direct-to-consumer brands have only accelerated in the past few years. D2C, as it is known, is one of the fastest growing categories in marketing today ranging in everything from razors to dogfood to clothes. While going to direct to consumer is very appealing and cost effective, new brands in competitive product categories must overcome their lack of awareness compared to established retail brands.


GainShare has been helping charities and nonprofit clients achieve donation goals for over 25 years. We have worked with national and local organizations such as UNICEF International and UNHCR. Fundraising has a unique challenge: how to generate an emotional response without manipulating the audience or exploiting the beneficiaries of the cause.

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