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Financial Services

The business of banking, simplified, is generating deposits at one interest rate and lending that money out at a higher interest rate, known as net interest margin. The reality is a complex set of deposit, lending and investing products and services every consumer needs. Successfully attracting a new customer requires them traveling through a journey that can start with linear TV, move online, and end up in a physical branch location. Sales, fulfillment and customer services all happen in any and all of those locations.

Co-ordinating the message and journey to deliver performance is a complex undertaking. We have spent years perfecting how to drive action and new customers. In this case study, find out how we designed and executed a digital-only performance program to deliver over $300M in new deposits for our client in less than 45 days.

Featured Case Study

DUCA Financial

Canadian credit union, DUCA Financial Services, was looking to grow deposits quickly to support growth in lending, despite increased competition from major banks and new entrants in a low interest rate environment. They wanted to stand out with offering but reach relevant audience for the product at scale, so looked to GainShare Performance Marketing to drive growth in deposits to support and grow the lending side of their business.

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