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Technology, Platform + Agency Partnerships


Success in today’s ever changing performance advertising and marketing world takes a village (with a lot of tools). With the #1 goal of delivering client revenue, we are constantly evaluating new means of reaching, delivering, and optimizing our clients’ prospects.

Technologies, Platforms and Solutions

We know we are not experts in everything nor could we ever expect to be. Our philosophy tied to delivering for our clients is to partner and learn with the best first. Once we can deliver at scale for our clients we then either continue or bring the expertise in house. Below are just a few of the companies and technologies that help us enable, optimize, and deliver our client programs.

Agency Partners

Just as we know what we are experts in, and what areas we need to partner in, so to do other Agencies. We have a long history of partnering with other marketing and advertising Agencies and their clients to deliver DRTV and digital video creative. Today, whether Agencies are looking for expertise in new areas like performance video or bringing their international client brands to North America, we have built successful partnerships.

Let the experts at GainShare deliver results for your brand.

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