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Subscription Services

Whether D2C marketers are in entertainment, SaaS, home goods, food delivery or retail goods, they all face the same challenge – brand awareness/consideration while scaling acquisitions. In a digital marketplace where the consumer has all the information they need and price pressure is constant, brands need conversion. As the perceived weakness of lack of brick-and-mortar evaporates with the explosion of ecommerce, a new reality is setting in – hyper competition. Low barriers to entry means integrated omnichannel campaigns must measure KPIs at every stage of the customer journey to ensure growth and success.

Identifying consumers that will convert and meet LTV goals are critical to scale and survival of subscription based D2C brands. In this case study learn how we used linear DRTV to deliver scalable ROAS and achieve revenue goals for a D2C brand.

Featured Case Study

Layla Sleep

Layla Sleep were looking to drive increased traffic to website and generate incremental sales to prove there is viable ROI to introducing TV as a growth channel. They turned to GainShare Performance Marketing to help them drive sales and prove success with a limited budget in a crowded category.

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