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Performance Media

GainShare Media is built to find prospects and convert them. We are audience centric and channel agnostic. We plan, target and measure across media channels and consumer actions. GainShare builds success by targeting the most valuable audiences, following them across their journey—regardless of platform—and converting them. Because we are agnostic about what platforms, technologies or channels we recommend and use, we can address clients’ specific market needs and create a distinctive position for their brands.

The end result is measured in revenue gain, the path to get there is measured in both TRPs, impressions, view-throughs, CPAs and CPLs combined with a consumer’s actions up to and following becoming a customer. It requires staying focused on the goal, guiding the user and measuring the events from start to finish.

Linear TV, CTV and Digital Video Media

We drive revenue through video delivered media with expertise, planning and optimization. Our teams have been gaining share for our clients with performance TV from before the days of platforms and real-time cost per view. They know with certainty what works finding the target audience and at the target ROAS and ROI. Whether linear DRTV, CTV, OTT or digital video channels the same discipline drives business outcomes.

Precision audience targeting on both linear and CTV platforms along with multi-channel attribution and analytics can optimize reach, frequency, and conversion across channels. Reaching both traditional linear TV audiences as well as cord cutters and cord never can have a significant impact on business outcomes. Aggregating data into one view allows us to identify insights, optimize spend and maximize revenue.

Digital Media

We subscribe to the belief our only certainties in digital marketing are the ability to deliver measurable performance and change. Each day we approach our clients’ businesses as if they were new because we know the marketplace, media channels and targeting capabilities are constantly changing. We deliver revenue growth through digital channels with a combination of expertise, technology, and advanced analytics.

While we are experts in paid media: Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Social channels we also must be experts in navigating complex targeting, measurement, and optimization solutions. We deliver revenue growth through digital channels with a combination of expertise, technology and advanced analytics. Looking holistically at how people interact at every step of the customer journey will ultimately lead to more conversions and increased revenue.

Audience First

As experts in analytics and consumer response, we help our clients to develop and execute performance campaigns overall and by individual target. Helping our clients to navigate the ever-changing commerce and media landscape is where we excel. We plan from the bottom up rather than the top down.

  • Who are the ideal customers?
  • What are the paths to purchase and actions we want the prospects to take?
  • What are the past results and metrics?
  • Where can we reach your audiences and segments?

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