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Green Shield Canada

Leverage YouTube experiments to guide tv and digital video strategy


Green Shield Canada – Canada’s only not-for-profit benefits and health insurance provider – were increasingly concerned about the changing TV and digital landscape impacting their long-term growth. They looked to GainShare Performance Marketing to “future-proof” their omni-channel marketing strategy. They wanted to maintain or increase efficiencies tied to their TV media investment through creative and audience optimization, while testing new digital video channels to support long-term growth and expand marketing mix.


The experiment ran for 6 weeks and a winning creative combination was determined, driving highest volume and efficiency against the ideal target.

6 Weeks Test

Top performing creative transitioned to tv

Strong results with long-term potential


Leveraged Google Beta YouTube Video Experiments to test multiple creative variations, isolating the highest response-driving creative variables, with the winning combination rolled out to TV to increase efficiency on the same investment.

Northern Lights Direct is the best performance marketing agency out there.

Bob Doyle, Green Shield Canada

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