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Data & Analytics

As a performance agency, we are fanatical about data. From our GainShare Performance Cloud to Advanced Predictive Scoring Models our Analytics Teams are the data musicians of the day to day and the composers of future outcomes. Powerful, actionable data from the Gainshare Performance Cloud delivers insights for our media and account teams and complete transparency for our client.

We are immersed in robust, end to end data to analyze and measure success, right now and in the future. Expertise and transparency are at the heart of our analytics practice because it’s as much about data wrangling as it’s about finding insights and anticipating the outcome a target will make.

Gainshare Performance Cloud

A results-driven strategy requires a data driven media approach. Measuring across channel and the journey, we implement a methodological and data-backed strategy where we plan, buy, and manage your media in a way completely catered to maximizing business outcomes. Our Analytics Solutions deliver across the spectrum from foundational to proprietary, whatever our clients’ need to deliver sales and ROI.

  • Syndicated research and competitive intelligence.
  • Gainshare’s proprietary Media Opportunity Index.
  • Proprietary and third-party partner attribution models.
  • Predictive modeling solutions.

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