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Leverage performance creative tactics to beat control creative for video and radio spots


SelectQuote – America’s #1 term life sales agency – had new creative tested by other companies but were unable to beat their control creative for the previous 5 years. They turned to GainShare Performance Marketing to help with their goals – to beat the 5-year control with 1 or more DRTV and radio spots and (for the long-term) shoot content to continually modify and refresh creative to grow SelectQuote’s market share.



Higher Response Than Control Creative


Two spots with modular variations were produced for testing – the first spot using proven DRTV principles that looked different to the control but utilized similar approach, and the second built around the concept of impaired risk (research and interviews with sales agents showed this as a key barrier to people purchasing insurance as they felt they would not qualify or could not afford insurance). Modular variations were created to test the positioning, risk scenarios and different demographics.

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