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Telecom performance, keys to success

Our Telecom clients and their successes are dependent on understanding the drivers of each target segment, the value potential to the consumer, the value potential to the business and how consumers want to buy. For incumbent telecoms and new challenger video services alike, the competition is fierce, saturation is high and market ‘noise’ is endless.

GainShare Team Members have successfully delivered millions of new customers for large and small cable and telecom companies; for brands such as Comcast, Cox Communications, Rogers, Sprint, Wide Open West, Netflix and Comwave. We looked to this collective 100+ years of performance experience to come up with our top keys to success.

  • Performance means achieving a) total target sales, b) at the cost and target MRR (monthly recurring revenue)/ARPU (Average Revenue Per Unit)
  • Brands must deliver a message and path to purchase with a choreographed story by segment, by market, and by campaign. In saturated markets, that is a big differentiator,
  • Brand, creative, messaging, offer, promotion and place all matter. Don’t forget any of them.
  • Integrated measurement of digital user experiences, call centers, and retail is not a luxury, it’s a requirement.
  • TV, print, radio, digital, social, retail, POS and even direct mail all have their place in driving performance and ROI.
  • Consumers are attracted to brands that make it easy to buy from.. They want choices in how to purchase from you, give them options. This includes over 60% of consumers purchasing digitally even with complex home bundles.
  • Audience needs and what you offer them should not be constrained by only what the billing system can be programmed to.
  • Your call-center is a variable cost of driving revenue, it is part of the successful journey, treat it that way.
  • Think about the steps it takes to become a customer, go back and take out two of them.
  • If data isn’t driving everything you do, there’s no way to succeed.
  • Test, test and test some more.

About the author

Cass Baker, President & COO

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