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Still Not Using Connected TV? Your Loss May Be Your Competitors Gain

If you’ve adopted Connected TV (CTV) into your performance marketing activities, you’re probably already seeing the results it delivers. If you haven’t made the move to CTV yet, the time to do so is NOW! Your competition is already engaging with it as a performance channel to connect directly with your best prospects.

We’ve heard the arguments that some people have against CTV - “it’s too expensive” or the CPMs are “too high”. But are they really? When you consider the precision of the audience that CTV delivers, CPMs are not the only way to measure efficiency.

Linear TV is still an essential awareness channel that reaches a mass audience (i.e. – a one-to-many approach). Though CPMs are low, many of the people you reach through Linear are not interested in your product/brand and will likely never buy it. So, you’re essentially wasting money by talking to them.

Waste not, want not

What if you could talk directly to your actual prospects and bypass those who aren’t interested? That’s exactly what Connected TV does. It uses data-driven targeting to go deeper down the marketing funnel and reach your most valuable prospects. CTV is more of a one-to-one approach that helps you deliver your sales message directly to the people who are most interested in it. This is a smaller audience so the CPM will be larger than what you’re used to with Linear TV. But you’re getting:

  • a higher quality audience of actual prospects
  • who have a higher propensity to convert
  • with often a higher ROI than Linear TV.

The end result is that you spend less to convert those prospects into customers. Now that’s a value proposition!

A 1-2 punch

Let’s be clear. We’re not suggesting Linear TV should be abandoned. Far from it. It still plays a vital role in attracting attention to your product/brand. But today’s smart marketer is combining Linear TV and CTV into an integrated video campaign that delivers a more effective one-two punch.

That’s because audiences today are shifting like never before. Only about 52% of American households still subscribe to cable/satellite TV. That means you can’t reach half of the country if you rely on Linear TV alone. At the same time, the average American household uses almost 9 streaming services. That’s more than double the number of streaming services they used just 5 years ago.

The trend away from Traditional TV and towards Connected TV is clear. That’s why it’s imperative for every smart marketer to shift away from channel-based marketing and transition to an audience-based approach instead.

Make this the year you connect with CTV

In our recent blog post, we predicted companies not using CTV as a performance channel will find themselves lagging behind their competition. If you’re one of those companies, there’s still time for you to get a more efficient campaign that reaches your actual prospects. It all begins when you work with an experienced, collaborative partner to engage CTV as part of your integrated video campaign. So now the question is - when do you want to get started?

About the author

Cass Baker, President & COO

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