Northern Lights Direct is excited to announce the creation of our Digital Creative Studio! This is just part of a broader digital transformation happening at Northern Lights Direct.

During the new normal COVID-19 has created, brands are adapting their messages based on changing consumer needs: in the first few weeks of the lockdown, we produced TV, digital and radio ads for a number of our clients to reflect our new reality, all created and managed remotely.

Digital video assets are in great demand, so the challenge for brands and agencies alike is how to create high-quality digital video content that reflects the brand’s values at a price-point that aligns with the quicker turnaround time (and sometimes shorter life cycle) of digital assets.

Northern Lights Direct has been doing digital creative for our clients for over 14 years, having produced an abundance of digital video ads for a number of brands across platforms like YouTube and Facebook; we just never offered digital creative to the market on a broader scale. We have 35 years of TV creative behind us, but digital creative requires a different mindset and scale. It really is the intersection of quality, cost and the ability to turn projects around quickly.

Brands also want multiple assets in multiple formats for different platforms. One way to look at this is on a price per asset basis. If we can produce 20 assets in one assignment for a client, our clients can then leverage those assets on multiple platforms and more effectively use media dollars.

We have always been a performance marketing agency – we design creative assets that drive response. For digital campaigns, we do this in a way that data can be used to analyze how well a creative is performing and can easily adapt and optimize those assets to make them even more effective.

Northern Lights Direct is a Premier Google Partner certified in Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping, Video and Analytics. We are Facebook Blueprint Certified in Campaign Planning and Buying. In 2019, we won the Google Premier Partner Award for Display Excellence, recognized for expertise and innovation in Display advertising.

As Cass Baker, EVP Digital and Strategy states, “Northern Lights Direct has always been great at digital and performance marketing, we are just taking it to the next level with the launch of the Digital Creative Studio.”