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GainShare Performance Marketing Launches to Turn Response into Revenue

The agency uniquely combines creative, video and performance integrated marketing services that are multichannel and data-driven

CHICAGO, Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Following a year of rapidly accelerated digital transformation and 15% company growth in 2020, Northern Lights Direct, the leading performance marketing agency in North America, has launched as GainShare Performance Marketing. Alongside its new identity, the company has advanced its robust set of services to underscore its dedication to helping clients grow and gain share of their respective markets through performance media, and deliver results with an unmatched degree of certainty.

As consumer behavior and media have evolved, GainShare has been at the forefront of short- and long-form performance video – now the leading format to communicate directly with consumers to drive results in video and digital channels. In fact, according to HubSpot, 90% of consumers say videos help them make purchase decisions. However, the effectiveness of video marketing is contingent on various factors. Historically, brands and marketers tap multiple agencies in order to patch together creative and performance capabilities which can often result in poor performance. Through this unique combination of video production and expansive performance services, GainShare is solving this problem.

"Video is needed across all channels, from linear to TikTok. But while performance marketers understand channels and metrics, only a few, if any, can combine that with video creative that performs," said Bryan Walkey, CEO, GainShare. "Every facet of our business, from creative to sales to analytics to strategy, is rooted in helping our clients gain share of their market and we wanted our identity to reflect that mission."

"GainShare's ability to develop creative strategy that focuses on generating the highest response possible and media strategy that gives us the highest ROI possible is a winning approach that we have not seen from any other agency," said Bob Doyle, Director of Individual Market Strategies, Green Shield Canada. "Their acute understanding of performance marketing is why they have been our agency partner for years."

Now, clients can expect an even deeper set of capabilities from GainShare with an audience-first approach as part of its core offerings – projected to grow over 115% in 2021 – including:

  • Creative & DRTV – In all formats across all channels including linear, CTV, search, and social at scale;
  • Media – Strategy, planning, and optimization services across linear, CTV, digital and video media;
  • Data & Analytics – Strategy and audit capabilities through GainShare's Performance Cloud and advanced predictive scoring models on path to purchase UX, attribution, KPIs and analytics;
  • Delivery & Orchestration – Strategy and audit capabilities on customer journey and path to purchase including campaign setup, audience segmentation, testing and optimization, and call/sales center management.

GainShare's client portfolio and expertise expands across many industries including telecom, insurance, financial, subscription and non-profit. These industries are often synonymous with complex customer journeys, highly competitive markets reliant on customer acquisition for growth, and highly compliant disciplined messaging – nuances that underscore GainShare's value proposition.

"We know what it takes to drive revenue for businesses. It's about eliciting the right emotions, and turning those emotions into actions," said Cass Baker, EVP, Head of Strategy and Digital, GainShare, who joined the company last year to oversee its digital practice and advance the agency's integrated performance marketing offerings. "As GainShare, we are poised to help our clients seize the opportunity of performance across a myriad of channels, online and offline."

GainShare has been delivering performance marketing that generates results for its clients for more than 35 years. From its beginnings in DRTV, the company has integrated digital performance and a tremendous data and analytics component that informs its work.


About GainShare

GainShare brings 35+ years of deep expertise and proven response-generating techniques to every aspect of performance marketing. With offices in Chicago and Toronto, we provide direct to consumer marketing services including strategy, creative, digital, media and analytics. We are scientific, creative, predictive marketers who are passionate about driving bottom-line measurable results that accelerate our clients' businesses. GainShare consistently over-delivers on acquisition and profit objectives—offering solutions that help our clients grow their brands and gain share of market. 

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