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Connected TV Makes You a Big Fish in a Small Pond

When facing the inevitable realities of an ever-changing marketing landscape and the shifting of audience viewing habits, I’m often reminded of my father’s sound advice he shared with me one evening when I was a boy.  

In the endless summers of my youth, my friends and I were an unsupervised band of marauders wandering the forests and streams behind my parents’ home. We had with us an assortment of small weapons: a pen knife, sharp stick, and a hatchet. There were only two rules: Don’t put an eye out and be home for dinner. 

One dinnertime my father asked what we’d been up to that day.

“Fishing,” I said.

“Catch anything?” he asked.


He then said something that has stuck with me my entire life:

“You have to fish where the fish are, son.”  

As a performance marketer in a mature industry, this likely rings true for you, too. You’ve made a career of using Linear TV to identify and convert legions of customers. You are trawling in the open sea with a very big net. You throw back a bunch that you don’t want, and some of the ones you keep are suspect, but there is a never-ending supply – it’s the ocean, for god’s sake!

Of course, nothing, not even the vastness of an ocean, lasts forever. By 2023, less than half of US households will have a Cable subscription package. The other half are scattered across all kinds of platforms and apps. As marketers, it’s imperative that we meet these audiences where they are.

What if we told you could fish in a private preserve and all the fish would be your favorite kind and of the highest quality? It can seem like a daunting endeavor to outfit yourself, buy all kinds of ridiculous equipment, travel to some back woods and painstakingly learn a new way to fish, but it doesn’t have to be. 

If you hired an experienced guide to help you navigate the preserve and recommend the perfect tools for your fishing excursion, landing your favorite kind of fish would be well worth the trip. After all, this preserve isn’t running out of fish any time soon.

Welcome to Fly Fishing (aka Connected TV, if you didn’t recognize it)

The role of performance marketing has never changed – acquire quality customers at scale, at a reasonable price. The media market has changed dramatically due to shifting audience viewing habits during the pandemic and that change continues to accelerate today.

Connected TV may appear expensive, difficult. The payoff? It offers an ability to target audiences in an unprecedented way and with creative personalized to the known interests and preferences of that audience. Reach, engage and convert your target audience by engaging Connected TV as part of your marketing mix.

Tip the scales (sorry) in your favor. Hire a knowledgeable guide to navigate you through the private preserves of the marketing landscape. Fish where the fish are.

About the author

Bryan Walkey, CEO

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