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Buying CTV For the First Time? Talk to Your Digital and Traditional Marketing Teams

Connected TV (CTV) is the collision and integration of the traditional TV and digital worlds, marrying the scale of traditional TV with the personalization and precision of digital. Very few areas of the media landscape have grown as much as CTV and over-the-top (OTT) platform offerings in the past two years. eMarketer predicts CTV advertising will reach over $13 billion this year, up 48.6% from 2020. However, the CTV landscape is still relatively new and can be difficult to navigate and plan. Brands and agencies have entered the space in two ways. They have started by simply integrating CTV into their traditional TV media to supplement the loss of traditional viewers or approached it in a more performance driven, test-and-learn approach.

For digital buyers, the jump from digital media to CTV is not too much of a leap, it’s purchased on a platform, targeted to specific audiences, and purchased in an auction or CPM. For traditional TV planners, the translation from stations, content and timeslots to audiences can be challenging, but the invaluable insight of what works and how to achieve success in TV is uniquely theirs. Our suggestion? Think about CTV as a piece of the larger puzzle that is your marketing strategy as opposed to “the” strategy. That and, talk to your digital marketing and traditional TV teams before buying CTV.

At GainShare, we have objectives for our client goals ranging from reach to cost per sale metrics. Translating the team’s linear knowledge into the CTV environment specifically for real-time bidding and audience-first targets are the keys to success. Forging the strengths of two teams, digital and traditional, is the recipe for a successful CTV campaign that opens the door for a collaborative and integrated campaign.

As CTV comes to the forefront of the media landscape, many media agencies are moving away from channel-based departments toward integrated media campaigns. To convert consumers into customers, they need to be reached on multiple touchpoints of the customer journey. Hence, the need for an omnichannel, cross-platform campaign.

For success, find the audience and understand the platforms available to the campaign. Create a plan that utilizes all available platforms, allows for frequency capping and re-targeting. All departments should garner information from the data and optimize based on learnings. Not only is this an ideal environment for performance marketing, it’s also a better utilization of the budget.

According to Nielsen, internal knowledge gaps are one of the top three challenges marketers face when it comes to CTV adoption. With successful integrated CTV campaigns under our belt, GainShare has the performance marketing know-how to navigate this new, vast landscape and help you achieve campaign success and gain share in your market. Learn more at

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Saikiran Dubakka, Senior Manager, Programmatic Media

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