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Delivery & Orchestration

We drive revenue for our clients, and we immerse ourselves in doing so. Ensuring the customer journey delivers on the user expectation is as critical as the advertising they respond to.

GainShare knows whether we are working in one or more media channels, creative asset development, analytics or all the above; : success is measured by driving revenue and ROI. We have a robust team and resources starting from setup through ongoing delivery working collaboratively with our clients and their partners. Our Teams orchestrate marketing across today’s complex media channels and platforms.

  • Project Management
  • Data, Reporting and Analytics Planning and Delivery
  • Campaign Setup and Marketing Operations
  • Audience Segmentation Trafficking, Creative Delivery and Versioning
  • Creative Test Planning, Setup and Optimization Management
  • Call Center Campaign Integration and Management

Customer Journey

We leverage the tools and data to give our programs and clients the journey insights and lifetime value measurement to achieve ROAS and ROI at scale.

Many of our clients are concentrated in complex, compliance driven and highly competitive markets. Think telecommunications, banking, healthcare, and insurance. These clients share the similar challenges with multi-step paths to creating successful customer relationships. Our performance marketing program delivery includes orchestrating and delivering messages, creative and conversion points along each step. We know our job is to help guide the consumer through research, consideration, and purchase paths seamlessly from digital and video to in person and often, over the phone.

Testing and Optimization

Critical to performance and all things direct response is testing and more testing. At GainShare testing is an approach, an art, a plan, a matrix, results and most importantly, continuous. Even with 35+ years of experience and approaches, we know what calls to action, creative, media channels, paths to purchase and targeting that work for our clients are constantly in flux. Testing can be as small as a single word or entire media plan, all built around measurement.

Our planning and delivery teams work tirelessly to ensure testing across the programs is challenging the status quo. Like everything we do, we approach testing and optimization to deliver increased outcomes, not just an increased click or number of phone calls. We build our test plans and operations to increase both results and ROI while ensuring we deliver to the performance goals.

Ad and Marketing Operations

A performance marketing agency delivers success only if all the elements are done well. By nature of the scale of media, audiences and creative versions, advertising and marketing operations are as critical as the plan itself. We are as fanatical about campaign setup, versioning, and trafficking as we are about creative and media.

Our team of experts manage both the creation of the assets and versions needed to ensure on time delivery and methodical trafficking and testing before we ‘go live’. Each medium and format has both standard delivery needs and unique nuances only years of experience can give you. Our experience in the creation of thousands of permutations annually across mediums and platforms are what ensures client success.

In today’s addressable mediums and ever-changing targeting tools, our delivery teams are focused on ensuring the audiences, targeting and campaign KPIs. To do this we audit, plan, deliver and then repeat the tagging, event measuring and audience segmentation for our clients. We know more than ever the expertise and the constant market change requires us to always be on our game.

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